Terrie Lea
Ordained Song Minister, Singer, Author, Composer, Publisher | God's Singing Children
Terrie Lea - Ordained Song Minister, Singer, Author, Composer & Publisher | God's Singing Children

Terrie Lea is an Ordained Song Minister, Singer, Author, Composer and Publisher for God’s Singing Children, a premier singing ministry specializing in Christian music and inspiration. As a thriving and award-winning businesswoman with a big heart and pure, innate and growing love for the Lord, Terrie Lea's life goal is to see the fruition of her efforts in the God's Singing Children's Ministry and to share the extraordinary gifts and purpose God has given her in the way He sees fit. She is composing the songs for her fifth album and hopes to see her grandchildren participate in the adventure. At the helm of God’s Singing Children, Terrie Lea is responsible for singing, writing and publishing songs, and she also conducts the ministry’s additional singers. She manages all performances, and serves in an array of distinguished capacities under the direction of the Lord, as she feels that it is her true calling to deliver spiritual services and help others just as Jesus did.

Terrie Lea longs to walk in the supernatural plan God has designed for her life. She would like to travel the world to share the Lord's message and blessings. She plans to write her autobiography in the future. She hopes that her life experiences can inspire others to reach out and hold on to the Lord with all their might. She also hopes to inspire others to seek out his or her own gifts that God has given them and to use them as the Lord sees fit. She has found that giving up is the easy thing to do, but keeping the faith in the Lord that all will be okay in the end is what has gotten her through this life.

In addition to her role as head of God’s Singing Children, Terrie Lea is a distributor of Polli Water Beads, and the owner of Terrie’s Fountain of Youth, a health and wellness company. In her determination to be remembered as a woman who has overcome many hardships and has made the most of her life lessons in efforts to help others, Terrie Lea assiduously juggles her duties by selling and distributing water beads, maintaining and updating the company website, and selling and distributing Protandim materials.

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Terrie Lea
Ordained Song Minister, Singer,
Author, Composer & Publisher

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